Photograph or Scan?

People often ask me what the difference between a photograph and a scan is. My photography setup produces a sharp image with no glare from the scan bed, large artworks can be taken in one shot with no stitching required and I can change my lighting according to what suits the artwork medium best. Copystand provides true colour and perfectly lit high resolution photographs to represent artworks.

File Type and Storage

I can provide a variety of file types but generally provide two sets of jpegs, one set suitable for print and one set suitable for web. Your high resolution images are stored using a safe backup system just in case you misplace them.


Each artist has different requirements, which is why I don’t have a price list on my website. Get in touch and I am happy to give you a quote. This quote will reflect the cost of my specialist photographic set-up, the number of artworks to be photographed and the amount of post-production time required. I endeavour to keep prices as low as possible and the more artworks that are photographed at once, the lower the price per artwork.

Giclée Prints

I can organise giclée prints for you on a selection of archival specialist paper. I don’t have a printer in my studio but my colour calibrated set up ensures that the files I send to the print company means that you will receive high quality correct colour prints.


I am situated in Summerhall Edinburgh, get in touch to make an appointment. You are welcome to arrange to drop off artworks or stay and approve the photographs as they are taken.


Artwork photography is an art in itself which I am proud to say Copystand has mastered. Copystand provides artists, galleries and publishers with high quality reproduction photographs which can be used for catalogues, postcards, illustrated books, websites, etc. 

I know how important it is for artists to have excellent archival photographs of their artworks, I am trained in Fine Art and have always used photography in my own work which I continue do. For many years, I have worked for other artists and galleries and now for who I share my studio with. 

Rebecca Milling regularly use this facility at Summerhall for high quality reproduction photos of our prints, both for our records and for uploading to our website. Becky handles our (valuable) artworks with meticulous care, and puts in 110% effort to ensure that we are happy with the results. We highly recommend and will continue to use.

Lindy McNair – Modern Prints